What I hope to do on this web site is help those that want to make a home made incubator or hatcher and highlight some of the problems and cures that I encountered during my time hatching, first chickens and banties, then on to pheasants,partridge,ducks and whatever else one fancies.

If you already have an incubator a separate hatcher is a good idea, mainly from the hygiene point of view as it keeps the incubator free of all that mess and fluff and hence germs and bacteria build up that is part of any hatch cycle, and secondly hatching uses a different humidity setting to incubating, so it is easier to control in two separate environments

I will go through the various steps to build this hatcher, from start to finish including all electrics, tricks to get the humidity right and finely testing with real live eggs


cutting the parts                                corner joint


        inside view                            testing with pheasant eggs

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