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Triming the Formica

.After gluing the Formica, trim with a Router but leave about 0.5mm so you can finish it of with a block plane. First you have to do the inside face of the two sides and back panel, the door comes later as we need to cutout the hole for the window first.






Rebate Time

The next step is to make the rebate. This can be done by many ways but a Router or spindle-moulder is the best, you can also use a power saw or even a rebate plane but it takes a lot longer. To start with we need to rebate the sides followed by the top and bottom, the sides are only rebated along one edge for the back to fit in and the top and bottom on 3 sides as in the diagram The size of the rebate depends on the thickness of the board we are using, in this case i am using 22 mm and so it should be done as follows




I always like to give the rebate a mm more for the thickness of the Formica and silicon but if you do it at 22 mm first then you can always take off a bit more if needed, I use a piece of scrap to do some trial runs until it is right then do the panels.

For the depth of the rebate I use about 1/3 of the thickness so we don't weaken the plywood too much